• Market assessment – from a simple usage & attitude study to a complex market segmentation based on attitudes towards your products or services.
  • New Product Development research  – from co-creating or generating new ideas, finding out the important features, screening the concepts, to testing different packaging options.
  • Brand research – from a dip brand health check, to brand monitoring programs.
  • Advertising research – from advertising evaluation to advertising tracking programs using eye tracking methods.
  • Shopper research – from a straight forward shopper behavior to a complex ethnographic shopper observation through ‘brick and mortar’ stores and/or websites or mobile apps.
  • Pricing research – from exploratory techniques to having an overall price tolerance in understanding the consumer trade-off using conjoint or other advanced techniques.
  • We are collaborating with our partner Simpli Sensible to provide digital services;
    • Social Media Listening to help you connect with your customers’ main concerns, passions and aspirations.
    • Online Community Insight - to create, collaborate and evaluate through interactive conversation with your customers.