Irma Martam

Managing Director and founder
Expert in Qualitative Market Researcher

Irma S Martam (Irma), Managing Director and founder of BeeHives, graduated from University of Indonesia majoring in psychology and has a Master degree in Health Communication and Marketing from George Washington University.
Irma has extensive experience working as a qualitative market researcher for more than 20 years. She has worked in various categories from FMCG, automotive, personal care, banking and telecommunication. Has specialization conducting study for women and children. She also has various experience in conduct monitoring and evaluation program for development agencies such as USAID, UNICEF and UNFPA as well as engaging in Social Marketing programs. She has experienced conducting the studies in various ASEAN countries and across Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua. She’s also a board member of PULIH foundation who work in gender equality and psychosocial empowerment for women.
A mother of 3 children who enjoy cooking and going to the traditional market on saturdays, her wishes for the future are to have her own chocolatier for her love of chocolate and cooking.

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