For the past few years, there are social movements that move people, especially below 35 years old to start living a healthier life style.

It’s all actually started from the willingness to lose weight, because of the perception that someone with ideal body weight is perceived to be more attractive than those who are overweight. Report shown that half (49%) of global respondents believe they are overweight, and half (50%) are trying to lose weight. There are several ways that are becoming trends to achieving those ‘ideal number’, but two of the most common things to do right now is how people are changing their diet and actively doing physical exercise. So it’s really not a matter of being skinny anymore, but to stay “in shape and healthy”.

Just browse around the Instagram and use hastag #masakansehat (healthy food), #kateringsehat (healthy catering) or #granolasehat for foods and #bikramyoga, #21Fit or #freeletics for sports. And nothing cheap about these foods or sports membership! So if we talk about trying to be one of those whose “in shape and healthy”, we talk about the willingness to spend your money to buy ‘premium food’ and high-class healthy clubs membership, and research shown that the Millennial generation is the generation that the most willing to pay the “costs”. Apart from the awakening of importance of being healthy among this particular generation, they also the one who are now having the buying power to live up the lifestyle and having willingness to do so. In addition to that, based on my personal interview and groups discussion with other generations (especially the Generation X or Baby Boomers) they are more interested to allocate their money to their children education, holiday, or if they buy healthy food it will be for their children, not for them—which also need to consume it!