Viewing room

  • At BeeHives, the viewing room is equipped with one way mirror, a complete set of headset, and we also design it to create a warm yet suitable place for you to work.
  • The room can hold up to 8 clients with the headset speakers or loudspeaker voice.

Group/interview room

  • The BeeHives group/interview room is design to bring the atmosphere of ‘homey’, so respondent will feel comfortable enough to share their experience, thought and ideas
  • The room can contains up to 8 respondents for discussion and equipped with the recording facilities (including zooming camera and streaming video).

Bee’s pantry

Bee’s pantry, consist of stove and refrigerator so it can be use for research purpose such as product testing, kitchen innovation, etc.

Bee’s bathroom

Bee’s bathroom with audio video equipment for product/sensorial test.