Partner in Creating Transformation

Bee Hives is a center that use Bee philosophy as it vision. The bees are working for the benefits of many people, to help create a transformation. The bees are open to work with people that aim to create a better life.

  • Bee Consumer Insight

    Research services across quantitative and qualitative spectrum using different approach such as ethnography, immersion consumers workshop and other in depth insight mining activation that can turn into actionable marketing strategy.

  • Bee Social

    Center for social and behavioral change that based on information gathering and expertise to find the best solution for health, environment, education and other social issues.

  • Bee Chatroom

    A nice cozy living room atmosphere FGD venue, with broadband fiber optic internet and audio video recording facilities. The venue located in an easily access area

  • Bee Activate

    Capacity building and workshop for those of you who has interest in building your passion or skill in research.

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