Nurati Sinaga

Expert in Online Market Research

A highly experienced researcher who has worked with Nielsen in several countries such as Australia, Singapore, US (New York) & Indonesia.
She has spent time and gained valuable experience in both suppliers as well as users of market research.  Ati’s client side stints include Heinz Food where she was exposed to research implementation from product development, branding, pricing to distribution plans.
In the past few years, she’s been specialising in online market research and of course, this is where the industry trend goes.  Many market researchers fear of the unknown of the online method and the new comers with technology background have little knowledge of the industry.  She fills the gap confidently and manages the research expectation.   Of course it comes with the online territory, global studies are her expertise.
She has significant experience in managing large scale quantitative research for global FMCG, financial and retailer companies in multiple countries. Her experience includes managing a project covering 40 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North and South America.
Her philosophy of great client servicing is through partnership. A mutual understanding will result mutual benefits as quoted by one of her clients:  Great demonstration of pro activity and partnership

Ati holds a master degree in Economics from Oklahoma State University.

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