Who We Are

Who We Are

Bee Hives is a center that uses Bee philosophy as its vision. The bees are working for the benefits of many people, to help create a transformation. The bees are open to working with people that aim to create a better life.

We aim to optimize any effort made by other parties in the area of both social and commercial issues. We open to collaborating with both individual and organization in a different format.

Irma Martam – Managing Director and Founder

Irma S Martam (Irma), Managing Director and founder of BeeHives, graduated from University of Indonesia majoring in Psychology and has a Master degree in Health Communication and Marketing from George Washington University.

Irma has extensive experience working as a qualitative market researcher for more than 20 years. She has worked in various categories from FMCG, automotive, personal care, banking, and telecommunication. Has specialization conducting the study for women and children. She also has various experience in conduct monitoring and evaluation program for development agencies such as USAID, UNICEF, and UNFPA as well as engaging in Social Marketing programs. She has experienced conducting the studies in various ASEAN countries and across Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua. She’s also a board member of PULIH Foundation who works in gender equality and psychosocial empowerment for women.

A mother of 3 children who enjoy cooking and going to the traditional market on Saturdays, her wishes for the future are to have her own chocolatier for her love of chocolate and cooking.

Victoria Catarina – Research Manager

Victoria Catarina or Vicky’s educational background is a Bachelor degree in Advertising from University of Indonesia (UI).

Vicky has five years of marketing research experience, she started her career in market research in Prompt and became a Qualitative Senior Research Executive in Cimigo and currently joins BeeHives as a junior research manager.

She is experienced in various categories, ranging from personal care (male, female and baby), laundry & other household cleaning products, FMCG, construction and home building, and social research.

She is an experienced practitioner of different qualitative methodologies, such as focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, paired interviews, immersions & observations, ethnography, and online interviews.

Besides research, Vicky has a passion for reading. In her spare time, she likes to read a wide range of content to satisfy her eager mind.

Partner Consultant

Nurati Sinaga

A highly experienced researcher who has worked with Nielsen in several countries such as Australia, Singapore, US (New York) & Indonesia.

She has spent time and gained valuable experience in both suppliers as well as users of market research.  Ati’s client side stints include Heinz Food where she was exposed to research implementation from product development, branding, pricing to distribution plans.

In the past few years, she’s been specializing in online market research, and of course, this is where the industry trend goes.  Many market researchers fear of the unknown of the online method and the newcomers with technology background have little knowledge of the industry.  She fills the gap confidently and manages the research expectation.   Of course, it comes with the online territory, global studies are her expertise.

She has significant experience in managing large scale quantitative research for global FMCG, financial and retailer companies in multiple countries. Her experience includes managing a project covering 40 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North and South America.

Her philosophy of great client servicing is through partnership. A mutual understanding will result in mutual benefits as quoted by one of her clients:  Great demonstration of pro activity and partnership

Ati holds a master degree in Economics from Oklahoma State University.

Vivi Diani Savitri 

Vivi joins BeeHives for her passion in broadening knowledge about and getting a deeper understanding of people, their states of being, their wants and needs. For the same reason, she studied Sociology at the University of Indonesia after completing a bachelor degree in Faculty of Economics and Business in the same university.

Vivi specializes in qualitative research for more than 15 years in several leading research companies in Indonesia including TNS, Insight Asia, and Research International. Currently works independently as a research consultant, she still partners with these agencies and others in catering to clients’ need for strong insights. Vivi has also started working on social research for academic research institutions in the University of Indonesia.

In research, Vivi has conducted varied methodologies including ethnography and community observation and has employed different methods including various projective techniques. In interpreting and examining research subjects and results, she incorporates sociological thoughts to bring about more comprehensive analysis.