Partner in Creating Transformation

Bee Hives is a center that use Bee philosophy as it vision. The bees are working for the benefits of many people, to help create a transformation.

Bee Consumer Insight​

Research services across quantitative and qualitative spectrum using different approach such as ethnography, immersion consumers workshop and other in depth insight mining activation that can turn into actionable marketing strategy.

Bee Social

Center for social and behavioral change that based on information gathering and expertise to find the best solution for health, environment, education and other social issues.

Bee Chatroom​

A nice cozy living room atmosphere FGD venue, with broadband fiber optic internet and audio video recording facilities. The venue located in an easily access area.

Bee Activate

Capacity building and workshop for those of you who has interest in building your passion or skill in research.

About Us

BeeHives is born to help your organization to create transformation, for a marketing program for new or existing products or brands or create a social program such as helping a community to grow.


Market assessment​

From a simple usage & attitude study to a complex market segmentation based on attitudes towards your products or services.

New Product Development research​

From co-creating or generating new ideas, finding out the important features, screening the concepts, to testing different packaging options.

Brand research​

From a dip brand health check, to brand monitoring programs.

Advertising research​​

From advertising evaluation to advertising tracking programs using eye tracking methods.

Shopper research​​

From a straight forward shopper behavior to a complex ethnographic shopper observation through ‘brick and mortar’ stores and/or websites or mobile apps.

Pricing research​

From exploratory techniques to having an overall price tolerance in understanding the consumer trade-off using conjoint or other advanced techniques.


Irma Martam Psy, MPH

Managing Director and Founder

Victoria Catarina Ndeo

Associate Director

Maheswari Prasanti Putri

Research Executive

Nina Chandra

Research Executive